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Are you members of the Independent Parking Committee (IPC)?

Yes we are. The Independent Parking Committee is the accredited trading association for the industry and regulates the activity of it's members in accordance with current law and in co-operation with the DVLA.

Are you members of IPC Approved Operators Scheme?

Yes we are. The Approved Operators Scheme sets out clear regulatory guidelines and standards that are to be complied with. It's estimated that within the United Kingdom less than 10% of parking management companies are approved operators.

Does the road traffic act apply to private land?

No. Private land is a matter of contract law and breach of the terms and conditions set out in that contract, the terms of which are clearly displayed on the warning signs at the entrance to and within the car park.

Are you responsible for the Pay & Display machines?

No. The Landowner is responsible for the operation and maintenance of Pay & Display ticket machines, our function is to manage the efficient running of the car park only.

Are you insured?

Yes we are insured. We're covered for £10 million Employers and £5 million public liability. A copy can be requested..

Do you wear uniforms and have work vehicles?

Yes all staff wear UKPS (NW) Ltd uniforms and patrol in our fleet that are highly visible.

Questions to ask your current or prospective car park management company:

  1. Are they members of the IPC or BPA and part of the approved operators scheme?
  2. Are you insured?
  3. Is your appeals procedure IPC or BPA compliant?
  4. What payment options are there?
  5. What other clients do you have?
  6. Perform a Companies House check on them.


All these questions are serious and can stop unscrupulous traders operating on your land.


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